The Ga South Municipal Assembly on Tuesday, 22nd March, 2022 had a Special meeting to elect and swore in Hon. Abdul-Wahab Mohammed the Presiding Member whose tenure of office former elapsed as a presiding member in January 2022 as enshrined in the Local Governance Act, 2016 (ACT 936), Section 17(4).

The special meeting was attended by the Municipal Chief Executive, Municipal Co-ordinating Director, Her Worship Ruby Ntiri Opoku, Heads of Departments, Dean of Presiding Members, Hon. Assembly Members, and Security personnel’s from various security services and Officials from the Electoral Commission among others.

Filing of nomination was opened by the Electoral Officer and Hon. Abdul-Wahab Mohammed was the only candidate who filed for nomination. A total number of Twenty-Eight (28) members took turns to cast their votes.

The Electoral Commission Officer, Mrs. Priscilla Mensah declared Hon. Abdul-Wahab Mohammed as Presiding Member elect with a total number of twenty-eight (28) valid votes representing One-Hundred percent (100%) vote cast.

The District Magistrate, Her Worship Ruby Ntiri Opoku officially swore in Hon. Abdul Wahab Mohammed as the Presiding Member for the Ga South Municipal Assembly.

The meeting was successful as the Assembly was able to achieve its intended purpose in electing a Presiding Member to commence business that would see to the implementation of most of its policies in the Assembly.