The Ga South Municipal Assembly in collaboration with the Municipal Security Council organised a town hall meeting on Thursday, 23rd June, 2022 at the Church of Pentecost, Ngleshie Amanfro to sensitize religious leaders on security as part of the “Operation See Something, Say Something” campaign. The forum sensitized the citizenry on ways of preventing acts of terrorism in the churches, mosques and any other social gatherings. Participants’ presents included Security from the various security agencies, Traditional Authorities, Assembly members, Religious groups, Media, Community members, among others.

The Chairman, Nii Kwashie Gborlor IV, Chief of Ngleshie-Amanfro, welcomed all participants for attending and highlighted on the programme for the day and mentioned that all should contribute to the programme to make it a success. He reaffirm the commitment of the Assembly to serve the people of the Ga South Municipality, hence the call for this important gathering was to sensitize the people on security consciousness “Operation see something, say something”

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Joseph Nyarni Stephen thanked all for attending the meeting and stated the privilege to host a meeting of all the leadership of the various religious bodies within the Municipality. He stated that some few weeks ago, the operation “See something, Say something” campaign was launched. This he said has had the broader objective of preventing, pre-empting, protecting and responding to acts of terrorism within our society. He emphasised that this campaign has become necessary due to recent happenings around the globe and most especially in our neighbouring countries.

He revealed that in this campaign, Ghanaian citizen is the focal point in helping to safeguard communities and by extension, our nation Ghana. Most often, religious bodies gain huge number of people on regular basis during worship. It is therefore important that sensitization is targeted at such groupings stating that this groupings are the most vulnerable to suspected attacks.

He highlighted that, as handlers of the Municipality, we wish to awaken the alertness of the Ghanaian citizen within the jurisdiction to be wide awake in our daily activities such as fellowshipping, trading, schooling etc in our immediate surroundings and to draw the attention of security agencies promptly. He affirmed that the security agencies are here to take us through details of what was needed to do to ensure a much safer country.

He concluded by assuring that as a Municipality we are all resolved to ensure the citizenry go about their daily activities in peace. This is not the time to panic but rather remain vigilant. Mr Emmanuel Adjartey in his presentation acknowledged he was blissful for the opportunity to be part of this important gathering. He then enquired from the members present if any of them made an observation when entering. He enlightened members on the need for the gathering and mentioned that there was the need to prevent terrorism in Ghana when encountered. He mentioned that the operation ‘’See something, Say something” was very necessary and that the government has put upon itself to educate the citizen to be security conscious. He stated that the program was targeted to religious leaders and traditional leaders for the reason that they deal with large crowds. He defined terrorism as the calculated use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective.

He voiced that this could take a long time to plan and was not ascribe to any nationality or religion. However he enlightened members on why one would choose to join this group, the types of terrorism, how this people enters into our communities, ways to prevent terrorism etc. He cautioned members to be vigilant since some of the weapons are in the form of plastic bottles, pens, etc and could easily cause explosion when contacted. He finally advised all to desist from touching things they think it unusual and should not hesitate to contact the police for assistance.

Supt. A.O Akrofi advised ushers to be vigilant in their various churches. He also cautioned all to have their phones with them at all times. He added that listening to news would also be of help. He indicated that there is the need to say something when one sees something unusual. He advised that their aim is to get large number of casualties so we should always be watchful.
After the presentations, participants were given the opportunity to ask questions and raise issues and concerns of which the related responses were given.

Nii Kwashie Gborlor IV thanked all participants for attending the meeting. He indicated that he was contented with such an education organized by the Assembly. He commended all to practice and spread to others as well, hence the purpose for the “operation see something, say something” has come to help. He recommended that intensive follow ups prior to the program should be done. The meeting ended at 2:25pm with a closing prayer by Abdul Salam.