• How do I acquire a building (development) permit?

    The process involved in acquiring a building permit differs depending on whether the applicant is putting up a temporary or permanent structure.

    The process for each case is outlined below:

    Acquring Permit for Permanent Structures
    1. Applicant must show proof of the title by picking a land report form from the Physical Planning Department of the GA South Municipal Assembly and attach two (2) copies of the site plan for a report from either Land Title Registry or Lands Commission.
    2. Applicant must submit four (4) sets of building drawings at the Physical Planning Department.
    3. Application must purchase and fill, appropriately, the development permit form / jacket.
    4. Applicant must pay the required submission fees at the Revenue Office of the Assembly after a favorable land clearance report.
    5. For a three (3) storey – structure and above, applicant must attach a soil test and fire report.
    6. For two storey shops or office and above, applicant must attach a fire permit from the Ghana Fire Service.
    7. For all commercial and industrial properties e.g. warehouses, factories etc. applicants must attach a fire report and environment permit.
    8. For four (4) storey-structure and above, applicant must attach structural analysis.

    Acquring Permit for Temporary Structures
    1. Applicant must show proof of title to land / space
    2. In case of a different owner, owner must give a consent letter of affidavit to be submitted.
    3. Applicant is to submit a temporary structure plan showing position of structure, dimensions and type (i.e. metal container or wooden)

    1. In all cases, whether permanent building or temporary structures, inspections are to be carried out before permits are issued.
    2. In case of any query, applicant will be notified through his or her contact number on the application form.

  • Which areas fall under the new GA South Municipal Assembly?

    The following areas of authority and electoral areas now fall under the new GA South Municipal Assembly;

    Ngleshie Amanfro,
    Gedan Tuba,
    Honi- Afajator,
    Kofi Kwei,
    and Hobor.

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